Theories of Psychology

Therapy sessions can be varied, depending on what the therapist or patient prefer. Regardless of this, psychotherapy’s goal is to help clients overcome mental illness. They do this by talking through problems in a safe setting and with a coach tasked with helping them work through it all. Theories of Psychology

Dark Psychology

6 Dark Psychology Techniques Used by Psychopaths And Narcissists

They use dark psychology techniques to manipulate victims and get what they want. Psychopaths and narcissists are often the personifications of darkness. Some say these techniques are too “dark” or disturbing to share. But the reality is that they exist, and they’re being used daily by some of the most cunning people in our society….

Cognitivism Psychology

The Importance of Cognitivism Psychology and the Therapy Industry

This article discusses the significance of cognitivism psychology and the therapy industry. It also talks about some of its benefits as well as some potential drawbacks. Cognitivism is a school of thought in psychology that argues that thoughts, emotions, and behaviors result from how we think. Cognitive science is the scientific study of the mind and human…

Positive Psychology

The Complete Guide to Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a relatively new field that has been gaining traction in recent years. It is the study of what makes people happy and fulfilled. Positive psychology is a field that focuses on behavior, thoughts, and emotions. It can be defined as the scientific study of what makes people happy and fulfilled. The Complete…

psychodynamic theory of Sigmund Freud

What is the psychodynamic theory of Sigmund Freud?

The psychodynamic theory of Sigmund Freud is a psychological theory that includes the concept of the unconscious. It is often considered to be the foundation of modern psychology. The psychodynamic theory of Sigmund Freud is a psychological theory created by Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist who studied neurosis and personality development as well as other…

Psychological Theories

The Psychology of Your Brain: 8 Psychological Theories Explained

The human mind is one of the most complex things in the world. It is a mixture of thoughts, feelings, and actions. One cannot simply understand how it works without understanding its psychological theories. Psychological theories are used to understand how humans think and behave and to conduct studies on how people make decisions. They…