Explore the various branches of Psychotherapy and how they differ from one clashing. Understand how they overlap and where they differ.

The Complete Guide to Health Insurance Cover Therapy & What You Should Know

health insurance cover therapy

Health insurance is a requirement for all citizens of the United States. It is required by law and anyone who does not have it will be fined. This article will provide an overview of health insurance, what it covers, and what you should know about it. What is health insurance? Health insurance is a requirement…

The Complete Guide to Multimodal Therapy and What it is For

multimodal therapy

This type of therapy is a combination of different types of therapies. The most common types are: art, music, dance, drama and creative writing. These therapies are known as non-verbal therapies. They allow patients to express themselves in ways that they don’t have the words to do so in verbal therapy. Multimodal therapy is used…

The Complete Guide to Psychoeducational Therapy and How It is Disrupting Mental Health Treatment

Psychoeducational Therapy, Disrupting Mental Health Treatment, psychodynamic theory, psychoeducation, psychotherapy

Psychoeducational Therapy is a relatively new approach to mental health treatment. It combines psychotherapy, education and cognitive-behavioral therapy. The main goal of this therapy is to teach the client how to change their thoughts and behaviors in order to change their emotional responses. The main reason why psychoeducational therapy is disrupting mental health treatment is…

The Complete Guide to Yoga Therapy and How It Can Improve Your Health

Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been used for centuries to improve health and well-being. It is a practice that involves physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga therapy is the use of yoga as a form of treatment. It is used as a complementary therapy to help with mental health issues like PTSD, depression, and anxiety….

How to Break Up With Your Therapist and Move On with Your Life

How to Break Up With Your Therapist and Move On with Your Life

Everyone needs a therapist at some point in their life. They are there to help you through the tough times and make you feel better about yourself. But, what do you do when your therapist is not helping you anymore? How do you know that it’s time to break up with them and move on…

The Complete Guide to Reparenting and How It Can Help with Psychotherapy

The Complete Guide to Reparenting and How It Can Help with Psychotherapy

Reparenting is a technique that has been used in psychotherapy for many years. It is used to help people with difficult childhoods and other traumatic experiences, who have not had the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with their parents or caregivers. The technique has been around since the 1970s when it was first described by…